Is your spoken English improving?
When asking students what they most want to improve the general answer is, 'My spoken English.' Many traditional courses teach you grammar and vocabulary, but don't give students enough time communicating. When it comes to having a conversation, many learners struggle finding the right words and phrases and the moment is soon gone. This can be disheartening and has negative consequences on the student's confidence.
What methods are best?
Finding a course that concentrates on practising spoken English is key. Students need exposure to native tutors on a one to one basis to really make progress in their spoken English. This is possible due to Skype and allows students to learn from anywhere and take lessons in real time.
What's a spoken English course?
A spoken English course gets you learning English through using it. Our lessons will improve your spoken English, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, while putting your learning on the right path. You can take lessons that suit your schedule, learning online at home or anywhere that you can access the internet.
How we improve spoken English
We make each spoken English course specific to you and get you speaking from the very first lesson, no matter your level. You and your tutor will make the course together so that you get the most out of your classes. All of our tutors are fully qualified and you will find them friendly, open and competent when it comes to teaching English. If you prefer learning within a group we also offer group courses.
When can I start?
Add us to Skype or click the link below to start your spoken English course. The first lesson is FREE, lasts for 20 minutes and is a perfect way to make contact with our tutors. We will talk with you about your learning and will be able to assess your spoken English level.

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